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Critique Service

Would you like to break into the women’s magazine market, give yourself a better chance at winning competitions or simply add that elusive something to short stories or novels which brings them up to publication standard?
We are now offering a critique service from Linda Lewis, one of the top selling writers of women’s magazine stories. Linda (who also writes as Catherine Howard) has sold almost one hundred stories in the last three years to a variety of magazines, including Woman’s Weekly, My Weekly, Take-a-Break, Take-a-Break’s Fiction Feast, Best, Yours and The Weekly News. She also has a column in the New Writer where she tries to solve readers’ writing related problems, and has done well in a number of short story competitions.
Linda’s website is at www.akacatherinehoward.weebly.com
Linda will provide an in-depth critique and advice on how to break into your chosen magazine market.  You will need to identify the market your story is targeted towards and post or email your story to Vanda Inman’s Write Space.  Cheques need to be sent by post and made out to Write Space. If you are unsure of the total cost or have any queries please contact vanda@writespace.co.uk or telephone for more information.

Costs as follows:
1,000 words  £10
1,500 words  £15
Up to 2,500 words  £20

Longer works:
Up to 70,000 words £110
70,000 – 100,000 £150


         Online/distance learning
Many people find it difficult to attend courses and distance learning is ideal for anyone unable to attend a writing course or group, whether due to pressure of work, commitments or inability to reach the destination.
   Distance learning courses give people the opportunity to work through exercises at their own pace, receive feedback and interaction by letter, email or telephone with a tutor.

         Short Story Success - the basics of writing a good story
Cost:  £25 per module. Modules may be worked on individually and selected as required.
 Module 1:
   Finding inspiration
   Identifying the requirements of the short story
   Analysing short stories
 Module 2:
   Theme - what it's all about
   Plot - how to make it happen
 Module 3:
   Characters and dialogue - who they really are - creating real, believable characters
Module 4:
   Setting - where it's all happening - creating the right place for your characters  and their stories
 Module 5:
   Marketing your work
   What to do now

         Experimental Writing - using creative stimuli to help you explore your writing
Cost:  £20 per module. Modules may be worked on individually and selected as required.
   Hands on writing exercises and techniques using stimuli such as collage, music and poetry to get those creative juices flowing:
Writing from collage
   Writing from poetry
   Writing from art
   Writing from mythology

               Magic and Mystery
Exploring the magic and mystery of the elements which surrounds us.
Cost:  15.00 per module
   The element of earth
   The element of air

   The element of fire
   The element of water

For further information on any courses please contact me and I will be pleased to answer any questions


e-mail   courses@writespace.co.uk for further details


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