Writing is magical, inspirational and therapeutic. It has changed my life and could no doubt change yours too.

I first began writing for relaxation in 1998 after completing my BSc (Econ) degree in Information and Library Studies as a mature student - which led me into a whole new career. Desperate for a change from academia, I discovered that I enjoyed the freedom and the personal creativity writing gave me.  I liked the way I could weave parts of myself into my stories, and subsequently sold over forty stories to best selling women's magazines - Woman's Weekly, Bella, Best, People's Friend, Fiction Feast, was published in QWF and published a short series of articles called 'Secret Recipes for Successful Stories' in The New Writer.  This led me into teaching creative writing, adding a further dimension to my creativity.  In 2003 my life took a different turn and I began teaching A level English Literature and GCSE English as well as Creative Writing classes. I learnt from these experiences that life is full of opportunity if you keep your eyes open. The path contains many twists and turns but eventually leads you home again - in my case to my love of writing. Since the beginning of 2006, my experience in teaching and writing coupled with my creative skills have consolidated in the idea of Write Space.
   However, nothing lasts for ever, which is often a good thing, although it might not seem so at the time. Personal circumstances led me to stop teaching in 2008 and I now spend much more time at home. But this has had its benefits, because in 2010 I self-published my first novel, Reflections of the Past: A story of the guardians of the well. When I say self-published, that’s exactly what I mean. The only outside work was the printing. Writing, proof reading, typesetting and the final files (using free, downloadable software) was a home grown process. It was a lot of work, but it proves that if you really want, you can do practically the entire thing yourself.

And so, despite no longer teaching creative writing or writing for the magazines, there is no way my writing will ever end. I write the Quick Fix column in Writers’ Forum, some of these articles can be seeen HERE and very much enjoy running the Write Space competitions. And having written one novel, ideas are subtly emerging and my fingers beginning to twitch to write the next.

Best wishes and happy writing to you all!


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