QUICK FIX: Room of one’s own
(Writers’ Forum May 2008)

   Where do you write?  Do you have a desk or even a writing room to yourself?  It’s important to find the space to write, to have a haven at your disposal where the words can flow without interruption and where your muse will feel at home.

   Everyone longs for a room of their own, but if you haven’t this luxury don’t despair.  Your personal writing space can be created anywhere you wish using just a little imagination. In fact, creating a moveable writing space means you can write anywhere, any time, enhancing creativity and experiencing different surroundings as you write.

•    Choose one or two objects which mean ‘personal writing space’ to you. They could be books, pens, a candle or even a special crystal. When these are present they will identify your writing space.

•    Your writing space can be created on any desk or table. If possible make a permanent base, otherwise clear away everything else and create as necessary.

•    Your personal writing space is completely moveable. In winter write by the fireside or in a cafe with a mug of hot chocolate.  In summer, write on the bank of a river or by the crashing waves of the seashore.

•    Identify the minimum requirements your writing space needs – it can be as little as a notepad and pen. The important point is to acknowledge this as your space for however long you are writing.

       How many writing spaces do you have?


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