QUICK FIX: Love is in the Air
Writers’ Forum (June, 2009)

     Love makes the world go round and a good dollop of love will enhance your storyline no end. Even if your story isn’t primarily a romance, a sub-plot concerning two people falling in love is always a winner.

     This is because almost everyone is looking for love and can relate to the feelings and experiences. Of course, love and hate can be two sides of the same coin, and a touch of antagonism between characters provides that added spark which will keep your readers enthralled.

•    Cut out or draw pictures of your characters and make character profiles. Then ensure that some areas are compatible while others create conflict.

•    Write a love scene making it as flowery as possible. Now rewrite the same scene bringing in some conflict which causes a rift and antagonises your characters. Which is the most interesting?

•    Write a short piece in which each character discusses the other with you, words of love or ranting and raving.  You’ll be surprised what you learn.

•    It could be that your characters have traits which need to change before they can be together – this gives the story a deeper theme of self change.

•    Although your characters might end up living happily ever after, don’t allow it to happen too easily.  The rougher the ride and the more obstacles along the way the more intriguing your story will be.

•    Avoid make your characters too perfect or too annoying. As well as loving each other, you want your readers to love them too.


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