QUICK FIX: Make it More
Writers’ Forum (May, 2009)

     Do your stories lack excitement and tension?  Are they more like a gentle stroll in the park than an exciting roller coaster ride? Even if you have plenty happening in your plot, it can sometimes be difficult to create the impact you intended. If this is the case, you might simply need to ‘make it more’.

     It’s easy to write a scene which tells your reader what’s going on, but your aim is to make your reader really care about what’s happening. Use your skill with words to ensure your story is one which cannot be put down.

•    Use every opportunity to heighten your character’s experience. Make happy, ecstatic.  Make sad, heart wrenchingly miserable.

•    Use a thesaurus and note down a number of variations on words you often use. Then practice using them to make your writing more intense

•    Take time over important scenes. This is your chance to grab your readers and take them on an emotional journey with your character.  Allow you reader to share the experience. Make the highs high and the lows really low.

•    Write a scene where a character is simply happy or sad.  Then rewrite it by making it as over the top as you possibly can. Note the difference.

•    Now do the opposite. Tone it down as much as you can. You might discover that understatement brings a new dimension to your writing and creates a more poignant atmosphere.

Make it matter – make it more.


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