QUICK FIX: Taking the Plunge
Writers’ Forum (April, 2009)

     Do you feel that your stories have stagnated and that you aren’t moving forwards with your fiction? Could be you need to take the plunge and try something new.

     It can be easy to become complacent with your writing and remain within your comfort zone without trying new genres or writing experiences.  But in order to progress we need to continually challenge ourselves and trying out just one of the following ideas might open new doors. Who knows what potential you have unless you take the plunge?

Make a list of genres you have never written in and ask yourself why not.  Write a short story in that style.

•    Treat yourself to a book on an aspect of writing you don’t feel entirely confident with. Use the library if you don’t want to purchase or browse the Internet for useful websites.

•    Find a local writing class or group to join. If you already belong to one, try another. New people bring new ideas and a fresh perspective on your writing.

•    Look for a distance learning course to follow. Choose one covering an aspect you haven’t tried before – or even one you aren’t particularly interested in.  You may be surprised! Even if you already write in a number of genres you will find new exercises and inspiration.

•    Enter three writing competitions of different lengths and genres.

•    Write just one thing you have previously shied away from trying.

Take the plunge – try something new today!


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