QUICK FIX: Whatever the Weather
Writers’ Forum March, 2009)

     Does your writing lack a sense of drama?  Could there be more happening in your story but you aren’t sure what?  It could be that your writing would benefit from an injection of the weather.

     Incorporating the weather can bring a story to life as our weather system is dynamic and continually changing.  The weather can reflect the progress of your story and the emotions of your characters as well as providing a backdrop to which every reader can relate..

Fair weather tips:

•    As your story progresses allow the weather to change in order to reflect what is happening.

•    Use dark rolling clouds and streaks of lightening to build suspense where required or rolling green hills and gentle sunlight to create a sense of calm.

•    Write a story set on a beautifully sunny day.  Then write the same storyline set on a grey, wet, miserable day. Note the difference and the way in which your language changes.

•    Research the weather.  Go for a walk in all different types and jot down what you see, hear and feel.

•    Take photographs and make a weather collage – a great way to be inspired.

•    Make a list of words associated with different types of weather, so you have them at your fingertips when needed.

•    Write a happy story set on a miserable day and vice versa.

Hot and humid, cold and crisp, wet and windy - whatever the weather, weave it into your writing.



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