QUICK FIX - Finding your muse
(Writers’ Forum September 2007)

Lost your muse?  Never found it in the first place?  Or have you just forgotten where you left it?
Fear not, the muse, or rather your creativity and inspiration, is always with you. It isn’t an elusive entity which appears when it hasn’t anything else to do – it’s up to you to summon it on demand.
Truly! You’re the one in control.
Try the following:

•    Keep a notebook with you and aim to write no less than three ideas in it each day – a title, a character outline, a theme for a story. There you go, that’s three for today.  You think of three tomorrow.

•    Allocate 20 minutes per day to work on one idea.  You should have plenty to choose from!

•    When you sit down to write, summon your muse. Give it a name, a face – a feeling. The more you summon it the more readily it will appear.

•    Don’t allow your muse to be lazy. Refuse to close your notebook at the end of the day until you have noted your three ideas and don’t leave your desk before completing 20 minutes of writing. Setting boundaries like this will ensure you stick to your aims and after only one week you will have 21 ideas and have written for 2 hours and 20 mins.

Great. No need to delay.  That muse is ready and waiting. Begin now!


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